Sell iced water in imprinted sports bottles at a charity golf tournament. What are some of the uses to which you might put promotional sports bottles? Here are twenty five ideas. Choose upscale Sigg sports bottles as corporate or executive table tennis racket radio station or local store.
Build a pyramid of rainbow colored aluminum Sigg sports bottles to attract visitors to your exhibit booth at trade shows.

Include a screen printed promotional sports bottle in the goodie bag at your next industry conference. Hand out sports bottles printed with a PSA at youth clubs and events as part of an awareness raising campaign.bokaichina. They get carried along on all bokai table tennis racket gifts for your most valued clients.bokaichina.
Your event attendees will be glad to have them, and will use them for tennis racket factory years after your event. Order personalized promo sports bottles for your outdoor beach party or family reunion. Give away a sports bottle printed with your store name with every bicycle sold.
Chinese table tennis racket sorts of outings and spread your Chinese tennis racket message far and wide. Fill promotional sports bottles with pop or other drinks and sell them at a festival. Hand out promo sports bottles to racers at a charity bike race or bokai sport racket trek.Use promotional sports bottles imprinted with the company logo as sales incentives for your sales teams.

Why are promotional sports bottles such popular items with clubs and other organizations? They're so darned useful! Everyone uses sports bottles these days.