If your car or just sports cars in general has electrical engineering done to it then you may want to avoid flooding or learn how to fix it if that does happen because if that gets wet then you will have short outs, your cars ECU may shut down the car if it gets too wet or flooded there is just a number of problems that can occur due to flooding.The devastation that water and flooding can do to your car is the worst.

You should also look for water damage, take the car to your mechanic and just ask him to look at the motor and see if its has and flooding or water damage if it has then you should not buy it or try to sell it ASAP but if not then it should be ok. You will need to keep your sports car in the garage or at least out of harms way.

So if you are buying or are going to buy a sports car you will need to know what to look for in signs of flooding.

The more important side of flooding is what can happen to the motor if it too is submerged by water.
Since seeing what has happened in the past along the Gulf Coast you may be thinking how can I protect my car from water damage?

A sports car that has either been flooded or has had water damage will decrease it value by a great deal it will also shorten the interiors lifespan by tennis racket factory a huge favor.

Even though you may badminton racket factory have repaired or got new interior you may not have got all the saltwater and salt off the steel or metal underneath all the upholstery. It is worse then totaling it I think because you are the only cause you could have prevented it if you would have known what to do or just got smart about it